Monday, August 10, 2015

8.10.15 - Bird Nerd Moment - Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History - Brewster, MA

This morning as I was setting up to welcome the next bunch of bird nerds in KidSummer Birding 101, Rydell, the KidSummer Assistant came to get me to let me know there was a bird outside that looked like it needed some help.  This poor little lady (?) was sitting on the pavement looking dazed,  her head was swaying a bit, looking as if she'd taken a nasty blow to the head.  When I looked back at the building, I guessed she had either just flown into the glass door (more than likely) or the glass window nearby, mistaking the reflection of the shrubs and trees as safe to fly toward.  Poor lil' thing!  She was BEAUTIFUL!  Please see 3 photos below.  Admittedly, I find identifying warblers daunting.  There are very few that I feel confident identifying immediately, and rather than be concerned with who she was, I focused on HOW she was.  The good news was that she was alert and upright when we got to her.  As soon as I gently cradled her in my hands, she had a big (relatively speaking!) poop right in my hands...another good sign that her body was working OK.  I moved over to the grass & kept her low, should she decide to try and take off & wouldn't have far to fall.  She didn't.  She stayed right in my hands.  My kids were with me and a small crowd of KidSummer Counselors had gathered to be sure the bird was going to be OK.  I transferred the bird to my daughter's hands, who also got pooped on, no biggie.  It was hard to say for sure, but she really looked like she was going to survive, aside from her stunned state and her right eye was squinting a bit; probably the side of her head that took the collision the worst.  I'm also speculating that this bird was a juvenile, or at least young, her eye rings didn't seem to be too well defined.  I do believe she was a Tennessee Warbler ( I have researched and read and checked photos and am consulting with my mentors...)  I don't like to mis-identify birds, and I could've waited to post all of this... but I COULDN'T!!!  IT WAS TOO INCREDIBLE AND SPECIAL!!!  (double click photos below to enlarge)

***Turns out "she" is more than likely a "he".  I consulted with Sue Finnegan, the master bird bander at CCMNH.  She identified this little guy as most likely a Hatch Year (HY) Common Yellowthroat male.  Thanks Susan!  Check out her incredible blog! click here***

In my daughter's hands...

Her right eye was squinting - probably the more injured side from her collision

Once it looked like she was taking her time, trying to shake off the injury, we grabbed a small branch, the right size for her tiny little feet to perch on, and we moved her under a rhododendron - excellent natural cover & shelter (Thanks Marjorie!!! Perfect suggestion!!!).  I thought it best to leave her there, rather than crowd around her since she HAD to be terrified, though hopefully thankful that we all got to share this moment with her, helping her get back to where she belonged.  What a Bird Nerd Moment.
It was perfect.  When we all undoubtedly and in our own time, checked on her later...she was gone.  I hope I dream of her tonight, sweet little bird.

Please find your way little one...

Happy Birding!

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  1. Profoundly moving...on so many levels. Thank you for sharing this very special moment of caring. Sweet dreams to you indeed!