Sunday, June 26, 2022

 6-26-2022  Bird Nerd Memory Moment                                                                                  South Yarmouth

I filmed this video ten years ago this week.  I thought it was fitting to re-share it as I have just launched my new website that I am very excited about.  Ten years ago I stalked this flicker family for two weeks in order to get this shaky sequence.  Equally important, I felt it was a good space to correct myself.  In my original posting of this video I took in my own back yard, I called the adult Northern Flicker as "momma".  The adult bird feeding the screaming, hungry, demanding younsters in this video is actually "dada".  I point this out because I love learning about birds and I want to get it right.  I make mistakes too.  That's OK.  Humans do!  VERY OK!  I find it is often the very best way to learn.  I hope you enjoy the video and I recommend, SOUND ON!

                                                          Northern Flicker family lunch

Happy Birding!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

6-21-22  Bird Nerd Moment                                                                     Yarmouth, MA

I'm very excited to share this!!!  Today is the day I decided to introduce 

Summer is my favorite season and right now on Cape Cod, the juvenile song birds are in every direction - NEW SEASON! NEW LIFE!  NEW WEBSITE!  NEW BIRD NERDS!!!  

I have been working with a very talented artist/graphic designer for some time now.  Miriam Voros, of MVArtistri, crafted my new logo with my detailed specifications.  We worked so well together I asked her if she would also design my website.  I am so grateful for her patience with me and my ideas and her ability to gather them all to create this next phase of my business.  We are artistic collaborators and I cannot say enough about her artwork. 


Featured above, is my new cape cod bird nerd logo, in sticker form!  They are for purchase, click here for info on stickers.  I hope you enjoy the website and the new logo and there will be more merch coming.  I wanted to share and I am grateful that you are here too, and so are the birds.

Thank you💚

                              Gretchen, AKA the Cape Cod Bird Nerd