Monday, August 17, 2015

8.17.15 - Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History - Painting Nest Boxes
Brewster, MA

When we can, it's a wonderful idea to give back to the birds.  Since there are four basic needs of every living thing - why not provide some shelter for the birds, for nesting season, now and into the future, as well as providing a welcome shelter from a storm.  I find painting relaxing and when we get to discuss birds and nests and bird houses, well you know I'm having a good time!  We use many recycled materials: paintbrushes of course, but I re-use plastic egg crates, which were made from recycled water bottles, which hold eggs laid by cage free chickens..... good stuff!  I put the rinse water in re-used yogurt cups and I always wait to see if we can share paint so not too much is used.

These beautifully painted nest boxes are going to be perfect in the yard they're hung up in, and fantastic for the birds who choose them for their needs. (double click photos to enlarge)


Next opportunity for painting nest boxes: 8.24.15 at 11:30am
Fee: Cost of museum admission + $4/nest box

Happy Birding young artists!

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