Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8.18.15 - Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History - Tuesday Tweets - John Wing Trail
Brewster, MA

Man eating mosquitoes.  Holy moly you guys - THAT was a buggy walk!   I think every time I even think about this walk, I will swat one of my arms and start to scratch an ankle!  I felt SO BADLY that we were constantly swarmed!  I know there's nothing I can really do about the mosquitoes, and my bug spray was not working!   OK, enough about the bugs, but if you were there, you'd understand the craziness it was!  I did NOT want to leave the beach to head back into the woods after that walk. We all survived though and it was quite the American Goldfinch show!  They were singing and calling almost everywhere we turned this morning.

I did not get too many great photos, but Rick was there to save the day.  I've credited his photos below.  We had an amazing encounter with a juvenile American Goldfinch.  He let us get SO close!  With bird photography, your lens is set typically to so far away, that when they're close, you need to adjust the focus wicked fast... or the photo op is gone.  There are a couple of him below.  What a handsome fella!  When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised by the sight of four beautiful Canada Geese who politely decided to fly right by us on the beach.  I just couldn't beat that - walk was over.  We all preferred the honking of the geese, to the buzzing of the mosquitoes.  (double click photos below to enlarge)

Our List:
American Crow
American Goldfinch
Barn Swallow
Herring Gull
Laughing Gull
Cooper's Hawk
Gray Catbird
Northern Flicker
Canada Goose
Least Tern

Osprey (photo credit: RICK)

Osprey (photo credit: RICK)

American Goldfinch - male

American Goldfinch - male/juvenile (photo credit: RICK)

American Goldfinch - male juvenile

Canada Geese

Canada Geese (photo credit: RICK)
SUCH a beauty!

Next opportunity for Tuesday Tweets: 8.25.15 9:30am  $2Members/$4Non-members
Happy Birding!

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