Friday, July 8, 2016

7.7.16  Camp W*K Bird Club - Camp Wingate*Kirkland
Yarmouthport, MA

Back to the Bird Club!  One of the challenges that Will Rubenstein, co-owner & co-director of Camp Wingate*Kirkland proposed to me when I told him I'd love to incorporate painting nest boxes, is that he really would LOVE to have some campers paint & donate their creations to the birds who reside at Camp W*K.  After the initial painting session earlier, 2 established and 2 new-comers to the bird club walked around some of the campground in order to decide to hang painted nest boxes.  What an awesome idea!  This way, not only do the boxes provide needed shelter for the birds, but also, these campers can check on their painted nest boxes year after year when they're at camp!

We set out in the direction of some fields.  The nest boxes that I bring are originally designed for Eastern Bluebirds.  They tend to prefer to nest near open fields so their food supply, bugs especially, will never be too far.  Location, location, location!  The campers chose some wonderful spots for the boxes.  We marked the specific trees by setting up a makeshift arrow with some fallen branches.  We will have to add more decorated boxes as more campers paint & donate!  I can't wait to see their hard work adorning trees all over Camp W*K!  While on our walk, naturally we encountered a few species of bird flitting and flying about.  Great job guys! (double click photos to enlarge)

Our List:
Red-winged Blackbird
Gray Catbird
Song Sparrow
Pine Warbler
Downy Woodpecker
White-breasted Nuthatch
American Goldfinch

High bush blueberry bush... bird (& people) food!

Checking out Song Sparrows in the Sibley Guide 

An oak marked with an arrow so we remember where to 
hang one of the nest boxes

Frogs are always exciting to hear & see at the bog

Check out how much this guy was sticking out
of the water's surface!

White-breasted Nuthatch silhouette

Red-winged Blackbird - male

Gray Catbird

Another tree getting marked for a future nest box

Happy Birding!

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