Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7.13.16  Camp Wingate*Kirkland Bird Club 
Yarmouthport, MA

It seems more campers want to decorate the trees of Camp W*K with bird houses they've painted in the Art Barn there.  I had a full house for both of my offered sessions this morning and wait until you see the artists at work in the photos.  I do believe the birds will have a hard time choosing which nest box to in habit with the choices they've been given by these creative and thoughtful campers.

One of the things we talk about when the painting continues is that not all species of bird prefer a bird house.  Many of them are nest builders on branches, in shrubs, even on the ground and sometimes in surprisingly unprotected areas!  I sometimes wonder why some birds choose certain spots for their nest, and when they choose a poor location (right over a road, or a parking lot for example... I often wonder if they're first time around bird parents. The inexperience can be problematic for the fledglings.

I also appreciate the fact that birds will seek occasionally shelter from a storm in nasty weather, so the houses aren't just for breeding.  They help in so many ways.  They do require care, which is good for folks to understand the responsibility when taking care of the world in certain ways.  These next boxes should be cleaned annually, when past the breeding season.  Thanksgiving weekend is a good target time to clean them.  The front of the box has two screws that can be removed.  Gloves should be worn when cleaning out the material & then wiping out the inside with a warm bleach/water solution.  The box should be allowed to air dry and then the front can be reattached by screwing it back in. With proper care, these bird houses should last for years & help countless birds.  Just like feeders, it allows an opportunity to observe bird behaviors, which can be enough to turn just about anyone into a bird nerd... if even for a few minutes.  (double click photos to enlarge)

By painting the bottom, campers can
easily identify their painted nest box.

Like a sunset...

Won't these make an exhibit in the trees, for
both birds and people to enjoy?

Spectacular shading!

Messy artist hands are happy artist hands

For love birds

Some finished products

Why we do this...

Happy Birding!

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