Friday, July 15, 2016

7.15.16 – Camp Wingate*Kirkland Bird Club – Camp Wingate*Kirkland
Yarmouthport, MA

This was my last morning (not my last visit however) with the Bird Club at Camp W*K, and we got to paint a few more nest boxes, as well as get some mounted on trees!  Man did they look good up there in the oaks and the pines!  It’s great to see the kids’ pride too, when they see their creation ready to go… just waiting for some birds.  There are some species still nesting; some have up to three broods a year!  They just make more.  The success rate for wild birds is a staggering figure, only %5 of eggs survive & live to mature mating stage.  UGH.  Isn’t that AWFUL?!  We may as well help in any way we can, which is just a reason on my list of how I want to give back to the birds in order to make their lives a wee bit easier.  When we get all of these houses hung up – there is going to be quite a gallery showcasing all over the grounds of Camp W*K.  I like to believe they’ll be enjoyed by birds and campers and visitors alike for years to come!  (double click photos to enlarge)

There was one nest box left, so our group each 
put a hand print on a box & dated & signed it.  
Bird Club members thought this particular
nest box should be prominently displayed near the covered bridge 
drop off/pick up zone.

We thankfully got some helping hands with the installations!

North, one of Camp W*K's assistants

Clean up is part of the process, 
particularly when painting!

Happy Birding!

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  1. What a great project! So creative and so caring...the birds will thank you for sure and the campers will long renember this wonderful "giving-back" experience.