Monday, July 11, 2016

7.11.16 - Camp Wingate*Kirkland - Day Camper Bird visits
Yarmouthport, MA

This morning I got to start my week of with the "littles" 3-6 year old day campers at Camp W*K.  Bird Spy Bingo was our main objective to begin with.  It's kinda funny how the participants quickly realized I couldn't possibly keep an eye both to the sky and on them at the same time to be certain that they were truly finding what they were looking for...
Some examples: Bird on a branch, bird flying, two birds together, bird carrying something, bird droppings, feather

Camp W*K is literally in the middle of the woods in Yarmouthport, and with all of the wonderful sheltering foliage, it can definitely make bird watching a challenge, but it's a worthy challenge - especially when stickers are the reward, it turns out!  We also moved on to my Nature Shapes to inspect all of the different things that could be found and how each piece of nature is an important part of the healthy natural puzzle.  It's important to take care of every piece of earth, no matter how small, or originally seemingly insignificant.  The Nature Shapes that I use are simply cut from old pizza boxes (never a shortage of those in my home!) wrapped securely in duct tape.  They last forever and kids love to safely toss them & then run to inspect the tiny plot of land for rocks, dirt, grass, leaves, pinecones, acorns, sticks... and hopefully NO TRASH! (double click photos to enlarge)

Bird Spy Bingo
(which I think should be renamed "Bird Spy Bing"... 
there are only 4 in each row)

Someone spotted a friendly frog in the frog pond

Amphibious close up

Round nature shape

Small piece of trash... what might become of this trash?
Maybe used in a nest, & hopefully not eaten by any
living thing

Mostly picked apart pine cones

Leaves were in this Nature Shape

Caterpillar, AKA bird food

The Bird Spy Bingo clip boards ready to go

And they were off!

Bird droppings, always a fun find!

Chipping Sparrow foraging in the leaf litter on the edge of the field

Searching for birdie clues

What a beautiful spot to spend a morning

Elishas pond was like glass this morning

Happy Birding!

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