Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4.28.14 - Bird Nerd Moment - My friend Sylvia's garage
Yarmouthport, MA
It's good to know so many bird nerds, and thankfully I get to call many friends, and they share their bird stories with me.  My friend Sylvia let me know that some friendly & trusting Carolina Wrens had built a nest in her garage.  I was SHOCKED when I saw the size of this elaborate nest!  "THEY BUILT THAT?!", was my initial reaction.  Tiny birds with big voices, can build BIG nests!  I know that wrens can be quite opportunistic about nest locations.  I've seen their nests in wreaths on doors.  How did they get into the garage? There is a small hole where the garage door meets the cement that the birds use to get in and out.  It's a brilliant nest placement for shelter and warmth since we've had such a chilly spring.  I took a picture of the nest next to a bike helmet for scale.  We did see the parents for a few seconds, but they startled and took off while I snapped a few photos.  Carolina Wren babies are altricial, meaning naked, eyes closed, basically helpless.  These babies are waiting for Mom & Dad to come back with supper.
(click photos to enlarge)
Looks as though Sylvia will have to wait a few weeks to hang her flag.

One tiny beak
Three tiny beaks

Waiting for Mom & Dad

Being a baby bird is...

Next opportunity for a bird walk is Tuesday Tweets - May 6th at 9:30am at the Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History in Brewster.  $2Members/$4Non-members
Happy Birding!


  1. Hello,
    My husband and I are from CT, and are coming to stay at the cape for a week starting tomorrow. We are interested in your bird walk at the Natural History Museum in Brewster on Tuesday, may 6th. The museum, it appears, is closed that day. Where do you meet?
    Sonya Wulff

    1. Hello Sonya! Thank you for your interest in Tuesday Tweets. The museum may not be open but we meet at the entrance of the museum for the hour long walk. Hoping for good weather on Tuesday and looking forward to meeting both of you! Happy Birding!