Sunday, April 27, 2014

4.27.14 - Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History - PBS Nature Documentary Showing
"A Murder Of Crows" - Brewster, MA

Today I was asked to introduce and discuss a fantastic PBS Nature Documentary:
"A Murder Of Crows".  There was a nice sized crowd on this raw April day on the Cape.  Some questions were asked at the end of the program when the room was open for discussion, including my own wacky crow experiences - so if you happened to be there, thanks for humoring me!  Some of the questions had to do with crows being territorial and at what age do they mate.  I decided to post a link to the excellent on-line FREE resource at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology... here it is:

Crow Life History/
(scroll to the lower half of the page for crow life history & behavior)

For those of us who opt to call crows our friends in nature - I am with you and I appreciate that perspective.  I hope those you encounter who happen to feel alternatively may be swayed if you simply alert them to such a program.

To me, it's not just that they're intelligent and beautiful, opportunistic and crafty... it's that they share a goal of good parenting while they exist in this ever changing world, so very successfully.

Happy Crow Sighting!

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