Thursday, April 10, 2014

4.6.14 - Home - Bird Nerd Moment
Our Home - Yarmouth MA
Our daughter is fortunate to know so many sweet girls whom she calls "friend".  We love throwing parties, especially for our kids' birthdays, and this year I thought we'd have her pals paint nest boxes.  Luckily they were ALL into it!!!  I was so pleased!  
When you imagine gathering fifteen 9 and 10 year old girls together at a party, you might first imagine the noise.  Yes, of course, happy noise there was, but when they were intently painting their very own next box... they were quiet.  They were focused.  They were relaxed. They were having a good time!
I couldn't resist sharing some photos of their designs and smiling faces...
I happen to believe that part of our job as parents is creating happy memories for our kids to look back on.  I also like to believe that this day will be one of them for more than just our family. 
Thanks party-going girls for your thoughtful gifts, your creativity and your fantastic   friendship with our girl!!!  Thanks moms for agreeing to let me share this experience on my bird nerd blog!!!

They were SO quiet!!!

I did ask for them to wear sweatshirts they could get paint on...


Bird Nerds for the day!

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  1. How beautiful! As parties go, it just doesn't get any better than this.
    And Happiest Birthday ever to the wonder-full Birthday Girl!
    xoxox, Papa & Nana