Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11.8.16  Bird Nerd Moment (though not my own)
Yarmouth, MA

Lucky me!  I know bird nerds of all ages!  A few months ago, I sent a bird house home with a first grade bird nerd I know...
Now that first grader is a second grader and not only did he paint the nest box and hang it up, he very responsibly took it down, cleaned it out, washed it out, let it dry and placed it back on the tree, ready for next spring!  Not everyone is this responsible with their bird houses!  See both comments and photos below from his mom Lori, who helped with the entire process.

Bravo Bird Nerd! The birds thank you too!  (double click photos to enlarge)
"So, there was a lot of great nesting material inside the box. We were a bit concerned because there was a piece of cotton hanging out of the front door- we didn't know if this had preventing anyone from getting out.
There was a lone egg left behind with no evidence that the chick had tried to get out."
Nest box with nesting material hanging
outside the nest box

Look at all that nesting material!

Cleaning out the nest box - wisely using gloves

One lone egg

Found feather!

The photo "Thank You" postcard I received 

A sweet & sincere "Thank You" note

I just had to enlarge the illustration of the owl.
I just LOVE this artwork!

Happy Birding Bird Nerd!

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