Friday, November 11, 2016

11.11.16  Bird Nerd Moment - West Dennis Beach
Dennis, MA

You'd think that when you live so near the ocean, you'd go for a visit more often.  Life gets in the way though, doesn't it?  I was able to get a beach walk in though and I got to see exactly what I was hoping to see... some Brant.  A goose sized in-between two very familiar species: Mallard Duck and Canada Goose.  

Brant are my favorite goose.  I know - what a weirdo statement, but I like hoping that I may see them when visiting the shore this time of year, especially when I DO!  They are slightly cautious around human onlookers, but I was able to get fairly close to this bunch.  I only had my phone camera to use, and could not resist snapping a few photos.  I was pleased with how close they let me get to them... not without some cautious honks from a few.  Not TOO close...

Brant breed on the tundra in the summer, so even though it is colder here now, it's warmer than it is there.  I remember seeing Brant throughout most of the cold months last year, as we didn't have as harsh a winter.  Summer is still my favorite season.  It's why I live here on Cape Cod, this naturally stunning place, with beaches everywhere you turn!  I do love getting to see the birds who stop by on their migration, as well as those who winter here, finding sufficient food & shelter in the chilly northeastern season.  It makes the cold more manageable, at least for me.  They get me to the beach, which is THE place to be. 
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Brant bookended by 2 Ring-billed Gulls

Brant with a lone gull
Happy Birding!

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