Monday, October 31, 2016

10.31.16  Birdwatching - Wixon Innovation Middle School
Dennis, MA

When you've been inside for most of the day and you're 10 or 11 years old, why not end the school day with time outdoors running around playing Toxic Tag?  what is THAT exactly?... you'll have to ask one of the bird nerds in my enrichment class.  Kids LOVE tag.  Recently my ten year old son spoke with great admiration for the inventors of tag, wherever they are...

What I will tell you that Toxic Tag teaches (in theory...) is how pollutants can be anywhere, and those pollutants can have very serious, potentially lethal effects upon our wildlife.  Birds are sensitive to their environment, and when we humans aren't careful about how, where and when we treat our waste... well, it often becomes toxic to the birds, the wildlife, the habitat.  I like to believe, we all can agree that the world is a more interesting and beautiful place with the wildlife in it.  They were here first.

Back to the fun part though... I get to convey these sensitive and important messages through play and active participation.  I think you'll agree that the photos below, prove, they were having fun learning about how to protect the earth.  They'll do it better than those before them.  That is my hope. (double click photos to enlarge)

Toxic Tag - can you spot the raptor?

Pretty sure I can see smiles on these kiddos ! : )

Exercise & learning - a great combo platter


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