Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8.10.16 KidSummer Day Camp - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Brewster, MA

Painting DAY!  
The day we give back to the birds, well - it's a start!  We got some much needed assistance from the KidSummer Assistant - Anna as well as from one of the Junior Naturalists.  I've come to learn - it's not the easiest process, organizing permanent paint, with brushes and young creative minds.  I do love it though!  I hope when they hang their nest boxes for the birds, they send me photos so I can put them here on the blog!  I'll be sending them home with information about where and how to hang them up and about caring for their box, so it will house birds for years to come!

LUCKY US!  There has been an exhibit in the museum's Naturescape Gallery featuring the spectacular photography of Sam Jaffe, a naturalist, skilled photographyer and caterpillar genius extraordinaire! Do check out the photos below of our close encounters with so many species of these crazy looking creatures.  I was determined to get this flock of bird nerds in to his traveling caterpillar lab to blow their minds!  I'm pretty sure it worked.  You would not BELIEVE the variety!  I asked one of the caterpillar experts that if it had been quiet in the room we were in, would you be able to hear the caterpillars munching on the leaves....YES! If you ever have a chance to visit the traveling caterpillar lab, I recommend it highly!

We also wanted to sneak in a bird walk - short as it had to be today, due to the other scheduled activities.  I would have to say the prize bird would be the Great Egret - making another appearance here over the salt marsh at the museum!  What a morning bird nerds!

Our List:
House Sparrow
American Robin
Barn Swallow
European Starling
Song Sparrow
Great Egret
Common Grackle
American Goldfinch
Let the nest box painting begin!

Mixing colors and making designs

Adding the finishing touches

Finished nest boxes including one 
to say "Thank You!"

Some bird nerds brought in some books to share

Don't miss the caterpillar photography in the background

Let's meet some caterpillars!

This caterpillar, when fully grown, will be the size
of a HOT DOG!

The smile of a scientist!


Learning about the different life stages

Sam Jaffe - a great presenter for all age groups!

This caterpillar has hairs that can sting you
and are venomous!  No touchy!

Learning from the caterpillar master
Samuel Jaffe

His presentation was FANTASTIC!

Getting up close to really see these wacky creatures

VERY tiny caterpillars, on this flowery 

Nope, not a branch in the middle there, 
it's a caterpillar using camouflage, brilliantly

House Sparrow - male, taking a dust bath

Bird butt

We spotted some butterfly eggs attached to the bottom of the milk weed leaves

American Robin - juvenile

Bird nerds on the secret trail

European Starlings surrounding the Osprey nest

Checking out Paine's Creek

Fiddler Crab FRENZY!

Great Egret!  Just so beautiful

Common Grackle

Checking out the vitrine

Happy Birding young bird nerds!

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