Monday, May 9, 2016

5.9.16 - Bird Nerd Moment... though not my own... Beech Forest (a magical place)
Provincetown, MA

When you have school age children, if they are athletes, you'll find yourself at a chilly ice rink, on the side lines of a windy soccer field, or in the wobbly bleachers next to a baseball field on many a weekend morning.  This is how I spent my Saturday morning, cheering on our son's baseball team.  One of the benefits to spending so much time watching your kids play sports that they love to play, is that you get to meet some dedicated families sitting in the stands with you, supporting their own young athletes!  The fact that I get to work in the school district our children attend is so rewarding because I not only get to know so many great students, but I also get to meet their parents.  

Saturday morning, I saw the mom of one of my former bird nerd students.  As I was noticing Osprey occasionally soaring & squealing over our heads, I couldn't resist asking her if her daughter ever mentioned birds, or seemed to notice birds at all.  I had to know...
"Not really.  Well, wait a minute..."  she changed her mind...  "She has been saying some things about different birds she hears & sees outside, and we did get a bird feeder..."

Can I tell you I had jack-o-lantern SMILE FACE!!!  I was THRILLED to hear all of this!!!  
So, the very next day, Mother's Day, I was happily surprised to receive some very sweet photos of this very same young bird nerd (& her siblings!) reading bird guides on the way to the Beech Forest in Provincetown.  They wisely visited the Birdwatchers General Store in Orleans on their way; an EXCELLENT destination in its own right!. They were trying to beat the rain, and they did.  Wait 'til you see the photos below!  This great mom said they "had to drag the kids out of there".  (THANKS FOR THE PHOTOS!)

PLEASE check out the photos she sent me, especially the last one.  THANK YOU!!!

Northern Cardinal

You NEVER forget the feeling when a wild bird (Black-capped Chickadee) flies
right at you, and lands gently on your hand, to enjoy a snack of bird seed.
The sound their tiny wings make flying at you and away from you is like magic, 
and the feel of their tiny claws and feet when they land on your hand is a tremendous gift!
Thanks young Bird Nerd!  I'm SO very proud of you!

Happy Birding!

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