Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5.25.16 - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History - Birdwatching For Beginners 
Wellfleet Elementary field trip

Presenting to a class of second graders is always a good time because we all get to look forward to heading outside to see & hear the birds who live near & or migrate to the museum in Brewster.  As I like to say, Brewster is a beautiful address & the birds know it! They're no fools!  The crazy thing about watching and listening for birds is that time FLIES! It goes so fast when we're out there and when there's sunshine to help us along the way... no one wants it to end.  I didn't!  We even snuck in a close encounter with an Eastern Chipmunk on the trail.  Those little guys are so busy storing food ALREADY & feeding themselves, they are fairly bold and will often slip in between two walkers on the wooded trails.  The sure are fun to watch, and they can't help their cuteness!

Thanks Wellfleet Elementary for your visit!  I hope you got to see more interesting birds on your ride back!  (double click photos to enlarge)

Our List:
Black-capped Chickadee
House Sparrow
Mourning Dove
Tree Swallow 
Chimney Swift
American Crow
Song Sparrow 
American Goldfinch
Northern Cardinal
Blue Jay

Eastern Chipmunk!
House Sparrow - male

Mourning Dove

Osprey on the nest

Eastern Chipmunk 

House Sparrow - female

Happy Birding kids!

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