Sunday, May 15, 2016

5.15.16 - Bird Walk - Historical Society of Old Yarmouth - Botanical Trails
Yarmouthport, MA

Hooray!  NO RAIN!  Though the winds are whipping across Cape Cod today, it wasn't all that distracting for us on our walk, or to the birds we saw and heard this morning fortunately. What a great list we have and a nice-sized crowd joined in thanks to a great job promoting this event by Bill Archie, the Chairman of the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth Program Committee. One of the first birds we saw this morning was a Red-eyed Vireo who seemed so unfazed by our presence just below him, it was crazy!  He just kept on chatting on & on!   If you've never walked these trails, they are very well-marked & I can't say enough about them.  It's just so pretty and some of the rhododendrons are just blooming, with most of the rhododendrons on the trails about to POP!  Those Great-crested Flycatchers hounded us throughout the whole walk, in that, we could HEAR them over & over, but only toward the very end of the walk, could we get a moment to actually SEE one of those beauties!  One of the birdwatchers in our group spotted an American Robin snug on her nest.  It was rather shocking how close we got - not too close to disturb her - without any commotion at all.  We also were treated to lovely mid-walk surprise.  One of my former students & his mom were walking the other direction on the trail & I got to introduce him ( a great artist !) to everyone.  It was a large group for a single file trail walk, which made for tricky communication here and there, but I did my best to be sure most everyone saw &/or heard the birds on our 90 minute (or so) minute hike through the woods.  As much as I love being in the woods sharing bird sights & sounds with folks who want to see & hear birds, the simple act of being outdoors and sharing a quiet walk on a pretty trail is a wonderful way to spend some time.  Thank you if you were there today and I hope our bird-loving paths cross again!  If anyone who was on the walk got photos of any birds and would like to share them, I may post them here on the blog - giving you photo credit, of COURSE! 

Thanks again Bill Archie and the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth!
(double click photos below to enlarge)

Our List:
Tern (Common?)
Song Sparrow
Red-eyed Vireo
Gray Catbird
Red-winged Blackbird
Common Grackle
Common Yellowthroat
Eastern Towhee
Northern Cardinal
Great-crested Flycatcher
Black-capped Chickadee
American Robin
Chimney Swift
Baltimore Oriole
Eastern Kingbird
Tufted Titmouse
Yellow Warbler
Pine Warbler
Blue Jay

The weather worked out!

Song Sparrow

Red-eyed Vireo (not the best shot...)

Red-eyed Vireo

American Robin on her nest

Bird watchers... watching & pointing out the birds

American Robin's nest

Bill Archie, checking out another American Robin's nest

American Robin eggs

Lily Of The Valley

Red-winged Blackbird

White Pine (this tree is so impressive!  Just had to take a photo of it!)

Spotting a pair of Yellow-warblers, who were too flighty to 
get a photo of. Bummer

American Robin 
I spotted this guy soon after the walk was over

Don't you LOVE this pin?!

What a healthy list for a windy Sunday morning!
I hope I get to lead another walk!  Thank you again Bill, for asking, and for helping to make this event happen!  

Happy Birding!

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