Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4.6.16 - Bird Nerd Moment - My friend Amy's kitchen floor
Yarmouth, MA

Baby animals.  Baby animals are pretty much my favorite thing on the planet.  Five baby animals all at once... heaven.  My friend Amy and her animal-loving family just adopted five chicks so they can have happy free range chickens and their eggs (eventually).  This trend of birds and bees and vegetable gardens is truly WONDERFUL!  I wish I had the dedication for all of the above!  I'll settle for now with visiting my new feathered friends.  

I am no good at naming the breeds of chicken that these fluffy little wonders are, but you KNOW I will find out.  When I was in my Animal Industries class at UMASS Amherst, during our poultry class, the professor passed around a Barred Rock Hen... an experience I will NEVER forget and LOVE to remember.  Please enjoy these shots below & I cannot wait to watch them grow & flourish in this spectacular home!  

Welcome to Yarmouth little chicks!

Happy Birding!

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