Sunday, April 24, 2016

4.24.16 - Bird Nerd Moment - At the edge of my neighborhood
Yarmouth, MA

The last day of school vacation, there is often a last gasp for something different, fun & hopefully outdoorsy, to do.  It was brisk but sunny so I decided a bike ride should be in order. My daughter agreed, even though we both had a slightly different agenda.  We are very VERY lucky to be able to say that the Cape Cod Rail Trail is being extended into Yarmouth... as we SPEAK! (type, read... really, it's causing traffic issues and everything).  We are THRILLED to have this cutting through our town and we'll be able to access it through our own neighborhood - which is just tremendous!  My goal was to show my daughter how easy it'll be for us to hop onto the Rail Trail as soon as it's good to go & without riding on any dangerous main roads.  I can't WAIT!  Her agenda was to show me how beautiful an area we have at the other end of our neighborhood.  It's a puddle of sorts, a GIANT puddle, turned vernal pool, turned secluded wetland.  It's kinda fairy tale-ish when you get up close to it, which is what she wanted to show me.  She was right.  Once when we visited this little known, save bordering residents and wildlife, spot - I couldn't help but take some photos and agree with her.  It is truly a special spot.  It was quiet & peaceful and green, with little sturdy moss islands protecting the base of each submerged tree trunk.  Yes, in the back of my head, my mommy voice screamed "MOSQUITOES!!!  TICKS!!!  BACTERIA!!!", but my curious kid voice just said, "Cool.  What a cool spot."  Which is why my little monkey wanted to show me in the first place.  She knew I'd appreciate it as a precious wetland habitat worth visiting and having quiet time in... (while wearing DEET in season.)  Unfortunately there was human garbage here and there, car tires floating in the water, and some scrap metal discarded in the wood's edge.  Upsetting, of course, but also a reminder to her how terrible humans can treat the earth, particularly when there's an inconvenient problem... tire disposal.  Sigh... what'cha gonna do?   It can't be good for the tire chemicals to be slowly seeping into the water.
Carelessly discarded car tire trash

Back to the good part though, it was awfully quiet at this time of day in this little hidden wetlands so nearby.  We have seen a mallard couple paddling through the roots and hideaways when we visited another time.  This time, my little monkey climbed up on a strong tree, appreciating the space for it's sights, sounds, smells... peace.  

We didn't quite make it to the Rail Trail.  This spot & moment was too quiet & special.  I hope you have a place, or placeS to visit such as this.  I like to believe we can preserve them to share them.  The spring peepers know how to share their appreciation come dusk.
(double click photos to enlarge)

My nature-loving monkey

Hidden wetland

Happy Birding!

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