Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4.6.16 - Bird Nerd Moment - Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History 
Brewster, MA

We had a staff meeting yesterday to gear up for the "busy season", though things are always busy at the museum.  There are new exhibits and new building plans for expansions and permanent upgrades that are going to bring members back and attract new visitors.  One of the latest installments have been to Bird Alley which is located on the lower level of the museum.  Bird Alley is a spot I could easily spend (and have!) an hour in, and where I continue to learn about my favorite native winged creatures.  There is now a hand-held guide for those who are interested in understanding the local birds a little more.  There is also a new interactive "Listen to native bird calls" board, which young visitors have been delighted with!  See photos below... 
If you haven't visited the museum in a while, April vacation (4/16-4/24) is an ideal time to come back.  There are great programs all week, and we hope to see you there!  Oh... did I mention the osprey have returned! (Click here for ospreycam) YAY!

Bird Alley Guide

Come play and learn at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History!

Happy Birding!
Next Opportunity for Tuesday Tweets: 4.12.16
Next Opportunity for Birdwatching for Beginners: 4.21.16

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