Monday, June 29, 2015

6.29.15 - For The Birds - Wixon Innovation Middle School - Dennis, MA

Talk about troopers... only one of the students was not present for our last For The Birds enrichment class.  We had a warm and humid time outdoors and they all wanted to play the Migration Game again.  One of the students suggested that I used characteristics of the species of bird they chose to play as for variables throughout the game.  As an example, if you're a raptor take 2 steps forward because your belly is full after finding plenty of prey, or, step backward if you have webbed feet because the vernal pool you stopped off at is polluted.  They liked the second layer of thinking when it had to do with the bird they chose because they were interested in it.  
I'm going to MISS this class, and with any luck, I'll be able to teach it again at Wixon for a Fall Enrichment.  If I'm lucky, maybe one of these bird nerds will take my Birding 101 KidSummer day camp experience at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.  I hope when I bump into them in the future, I hear a bird story... Thanks BIRD NERDS!!!(double-click photos to enlarge)

Our List:
Red-tailed Hawk
House Sparrow
Tufted Titmouse
Blue Jay
American Goldfinch
Common Grackle
Chipping Sparrow
Black wasp(?)  

Gearing up for the migration game

Some of the birds they chose to "be", Barred Owl, Blue Jay, Red-tailed Hawk, 
Osprey, American Crow, Mallard ...

Migration Game

Bird Nerds sporting their new hats!

Who can resist goofy faced photos?

More goofy faces

Common Grackle

Common Grackle

Focusing in on a House Sparrow - male

House Sparrow - male

Feather Found

I'm not quite sure if "THANK YOU!!!" covers it for these Wixon Bird Nerds!  
I hope you continue to ask questions, enjoy some outdoor time & keep on loving those birds! 
Happy Summer!  Happy Birding!!!

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