Thursday, April 9, 2015

4.9.15 - Bird Nerd Moment - My yard
Yarmouth, MA

A flash of yellow... I SAW IT!   And there he was, a Pine Warbler!  They're back!  Still mixing in with the Dark-eyed Juncos, who refuse to leave.  I had to include a shot of a Downy Woodpecker who also decided to make an appearance.  I even got to hear the tell-tale warble... so pretty!  Now, we just need these temperatures to rise and all will be well in the world. (double click photos to enlarge)

Pine Warbler - male

Downy Woodpecker

Happy Birding!


  1. I can't wait to get back to birding. I miss your walks; I hope to be able to join you soon.
    ~Maureen Vigneau

  2. Miss You Maureen! Can't wait for you to return to Tuesday Tweets! Happy Spring!