Monday, March 23, 2015

3.23.15 - For The Birds - Enrichment Class
Wixon Innovation Middle School - Dennis, MA

We are still trudging through snow on our bird walks and we decided to explore the southern side of the school at the edge of the field and forest.  Only one photo for this trip as we did not encounter any birds singing or flying or foraging for food.  We did get a glimpse of the solar farm on Wixon's property.  I was hoping to maybe see a hawk, or any raptor gazing over the cleared out area surrounding the solar farm.  No luck.  The solar farm project in the D-Y district is certainly something that makes me happy & proud.  Not that I had a thing to do with it, but clean energy is good for all of us, certainly for wildlife.  I just happen to live in the district. I love that this community supports such green efforts.  We discovered a great trail, still covered in snow and ice, that we'll be sure to check out as things get warmer in the next several weeks.  We listened to the sounds in the woods, the wind and the crispy brown oak leaves, still clinging to the branches.  One of the students in our group had mentioned a vernal pool that he and his family had registered into/through Google earth. I'm hoping were fortunate enough to discover both waterfowl and songbirds in and around this water source within this habitat on a future walk.  
Someone's feathers...

'Til our next meeting & bird walk... Happy Birding Bird Nerds!

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