Thursday, August 7, 2014

8.7.14 - Birding 101 - KidSummer - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Brewster, MA
This morning we began with our bird species memory game and these Bird Nerds In Training have mastered using the bird field guides.  We played a name game that incorporated each child's name, as well as a bird species that we've encountered on our walks this week.  Eventually we found ourselves on the John Wing Trail... which was where we all wanted to be anyway...
Bird of the day - Hermit Thrush juvenile, which I take ZERO credit for finding... a very gifted young birder was somehow compelled to push apart some branches in the thicket, only to discover the fledgling baby Hermit Thrush.  The adult had been chattering above for a few minutes in order to distract the Bird Nerd Bunch in the woods.  We persevered (Patience & Quiet) and were rewarded.  Thank you Bird Nerd Jr.  You know who you are...
Bird lover - never, EVER, underestimate the perspective of someone younger when it comes to birding skills.  Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and age.  Please see the photos below...
Our List:
Gray Catbird
House Sparrow
Blue Jay
White-breasted Nuthatch
Northern Cardinal
Song Sparrow
Tree Swallow
American Crow
European Starling
American Robin (juvenile)
Eastern Towhee
Hermit Thrush (juvenile) !!! photos of the baby below...
(double click on photos to enlarge)
Name game & Name That Bird


House Sparrows (juvenile on right inside sculpture)

Who's hiding behind that wild grape vine...
...a Gray Catbird!
House Sparrow (juvenile female)

Migration Station
On our way to Wing Island...
observing European Starlings flocking

Northern Cardinal (male)

Osprey - right over our heads! 
Can you see the American Robin (juvenile) camouflaged on the trail?

Indian Pipe

Hermit Thrush (juvenile)

I know the photo is not great.  I was more concerned about not
overstressing this fledgling than getting a great photo.  Precious.

Spying a Grey Catbird in the thicket
One more of the Hermit Thrush (juvenile)

So very proud of the Bird Nerds In Training
I will miss seeing these faces!  What a week we've had together!  I hope you keep discovering new things about the birds that you already know, and seeing new bird species wherever you turn.  One more day together...

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