Thursday, August 14, 2014

8.14.14 - Birding 101- KidSummer - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
John Wing Trail - Brewster, MA
After spending our morning indoors yesterday due to weather... we spent most of our time together today outdoors on this ideal beach day.  After our Bird Matching game & a snack... most of us got to sit inside the ENORMOUS inflatable Humpback Whale to learn more about them and to simply appreciate their immensity.  We actually sat inside while learning more about Humpback Whales and their anatomy and diet and history.  It was pretty crazy in there!  Certain pelagic birds (those who live on the open ocean for most of, if not all of their lives) have a relationship with the baleen whales called "commensalism" (they live together in harmony without harming the other).  Some birds are able to enjoy an easy meal of fish when the whales are busy filtering the fish through their baleen.  The birds don't harm the whale and the whales don't harm the fish.
Another mammal graced our path on the trail today, see photo below...
(double click on photos to enlarge)
Our List:
House Sparrow
Gray Catbird
Song Sparrow
American Goldfinch
Black-capped Chickadee
Mourning Dove
Eastern Kingbird
Barn Swallow
Laughing Gull
Herring Gull
Tree Swallow

Thirsty House Sparrows

Juvenile House Sparrows


Mourning Dove

Bird Nerds In Training...doin' their thing

This wild cottontail started to head RIGHT FOR US! 
Sooooo special

Bird Nerd Salute on the bench

Stuck in the MUD!

Pattern of bird footprints

Sea Lavender

Bird Name Game on the beach

You kinda can't beat the view of Cape Cod Bay...

They approved so much, the view got the
Bird Nerd Salute!

One more morning together with the KidSummer Bird Nerds In Training...gonna miss these ladies...

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