Monday, April 27, 2020

4.27.20  Another drizzly walk - My neighborhood
Yarmouth, MA

It is not easy living without being able to visit with, celebrate with or work with friends and family these days.  I know I've mentioned it before, but heading out on a walk, by yourself or with your family and/or roommates, is a healthy way to spend some time.  If you're on Cape Cod, you'll definitely want to bundle up these days.  It will be so nice to have a stretch of warmer days... C'mon MAY!

I hope you are staying safe and getting some time in nature for yourself.  To me, the air is cleaner these days and I do believe wildlife is taking advantage of the pause we humans have been forced to take.  This was from a walk earlier this morning and there is a particular area in my neighborhood where about two weeks ago, I heard my first Eastern Towhee of 2020.  I didn't see him that day... it took another couple of days.  Today I heard SEVERAL Towhees!  Spring is here... even though it doesn't feel much like it.  The blooms are budding though, no matter how grey the sky is and windy the weather has been.  Hope you can hear the Eastern Towhee in the video.  I've posted one of my photos of an Eastern Towhee seen about a year ago so you can also see what they look like!

Eastern Towhee - male

Eastern Towhee - female
Happy Birding!

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