Sunday, April 26, 2020

4.26.20  Bird Walk - Trail in my neighborhood
Yarmouth, MA

Considering most humans are staying at home and obeying the safety guidelines so as not to spread our germs ... going for a walk is a healthy activity!  The air is fresh even when it's drizzly.  Remember to always do a tick check after a walk in the woods or fields or marshes.
Let me know what you are seeing and hearing on your walk!  I love including photos too, but I'm bringing my phone only on rainy walks, I can't bring my camera.  In the video below, I mention some bird calls and songs - one I incorrectly identify because I have two hoods and a warm hat on obstructing my ears a bit.  Also worth mentioning... when you are welcoming migrants back to your neighborhood, sometimes it takes a few minutes to access that sound file in your brain to remember which bird you're hearing, no matter how much of a bird nerd you may be! 

If you are new to bird song and learning who is who, my best advice is this.  Sit in your yard, mornings are best, and listen for a close by bird.  Try to slowly get closer to that bird, or use your binoculars if you have them.  Watch and listen.  That information WILL get stored, it does take repetition though.  Now is NOT the time of year to use bird calls on your phone to "attract" birds.  This is mating season and it can be very stressful for songbirds to hear random and unexpected bird calls out of nowhere.  Remember - their language is not really something humans can translate, meaning, who KNOWS what those pre-recorded bird calls are actually meaning to the birds that hear it.  Get outside and enjoy the birds!

Happy Birding!

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