Sunday, May 14, 2017

5.14.17  Bird Nerd Moment & Happy Mother's Day!
Chatham, MA

I cannot remember the last time we had icky weather on Mother's, weather-wise, it was gross out there.  Oh well!  I am known for dragging my family on a hike that typically involves birds somehow... In years past, we've hiked the Beech Forest Trail in Provincetown & took a nice drive up to Race Point.  We've also visited Fort Hill in Eastham, which I believe was last year.  I also recommend the White Cedar Swamp trail in Wellfleet at Marconi Beach on the National Seashore.  I really wanted to hike Morris Island in Chatham today.  Well, both the weather and the timing of the tides with our schedule took that away, but I still had a nice Mother's Day.  If you're a momma, I sure hope you did too.  We did stop at a few beautiful spots, even though we didn't stay outside long & our kids never got out of the car...but I had to pose with this strong & brave lone Herring Gull.  S/he was absolutely determined to perch, as best a gull can do, atop this sign...  S/he was tenacious enough to stay put for a pose.  I felt accepted. Maybe she was a momma bird whose youngsters were off looking for fish for a gift?  I love when wild birds let me get this close!

Herring Gull at Chatham Light Beach
Happy Birding & Happy Mother's Day!

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