Monday, May 1, 2017

5.1.17  Bird Nerd Moment - My yard
Yarmouth, MA

This morning I had to cancel a bird walk that I was especially looking forward to, which always bums me out.  I always feel like I'm letting people down.  It was the weather though... even though it wasn't raining, leading a bird walk in drizzle is not the greatest either!  The binoculars get all wet, the camera gets wet, so I can't really photo document. It's kind of an all around bummer.  I hesitantly cancelled but rescheduled.  

I opted for getting other things done around the house this morning while also preparing for my lesson at Wixon Innovation Middle School later this afternoon.  While I was keeping busy, I heard something outside... that I was too excited to admit, until I was certain.  I heard it again and again and again... grabbed the camera.  There he was... the first Great-crested Flycatcher of 2017 for me, right in my own back yard!  This was almost the exact spot I learned to identify these beauties just a few years ago.

I heard that tell-tale "WHEEEP!" of the flycatcher, and true enough... there he was.  I was able to snap a few not-so-great photos, before he moved on looking for another Great-crested Flycatcher I'd imagine.  I hope they find a nearby spot to make some more!  

I had just heard from my friend Kate this morning that she couldn't believe that she was seeing & hearing Gray Catbirds already in her Mashpee neighborhood.  It has been a weird spring for sure migrant timing-wise!  I even mentioned to her that I couldn't wait to hear my favorite May arrival... the Great-crested Flycatcher.  Well... Happy May!  He is here.  Gray Catbirds are here. Here's to warmer weather and the season we all wait for here on Cape Cod... Summer's a comin'! (double click photos to enlarge)

Great-crested Flycatcher - my first of 2017!

Hope s/he finds a mate somewhere nearby

Great-crested Flycatcher

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