Friday, June 3, 2016

6.3.16 - Marshview Room - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Brewster, MA

It's getting busier at the museum these days with many a school group, both local and off-Cape visitors.  I have the luxury on many of these days to be situated in the Marshview Room, the best seat in the house.  You really cannot beat the view, and what I love to say about the birds... (and chipmunks, and Squirrels) they all picked a very nice address to either live at or migrate to each year.  I get to point out species and help people identify birds that they mention that they've seen and are unsure of what they spotted, either right through the windows in the Marshview Room, or elsewhere.  Usually by asking a few questions, I can often figure out what bird they're talking about and they seem so pleased to be able to thenKNOW what they saw.  It always brings a great smile... 
I did photograph some of the artwork that was simply left behind by visitors.  I LOVE children's artwork.  I just LOVE it. (double click photos to enlarge)

Birds are wonderful and it seems simple perhaps, but they bring great joy to those of us who appreciate them.  I'm constantly learning when it comes to birds, which is one of the reasons l love sharing what I've learned along the way.  I was THRILLED to get a close up view of a pair of Cedar Waxwings from the Marshview Room!!!  They seemed to be waiting in line to use the bird baths, but also seemed too intimidated by the bossy House Sparrows that were hogging the scene.  They are good at that...

Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwing

Waiting patiently for the bird bath

Happy Birding!

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