Thursday, June 16, 2016

6.16.16 - Bird Nerd Moment - Gray's Beach / Bass Hole
Yarmouthport, MA

Kids have great ideas.  Not all of their ideas are easy to pull off, and while jumping in the car and driving to the beach may not sound like a hugely daunting task... it just depends on who you're dealing with.  My daughter really wanted to go to a beach in our town, one that typically doesn't have the same appeal as the others.  It is surrounded by a saltmarsh and there's a creek, and the beach itself isn't all that well cared for.  The beauty of this spot though is unquestionable.  At Gray's beach there is an amazing boardwalk!  I have sent lots of folks there because it's such a nice leisurely way to take in the coastal scene, without having to get your feet sandy and wet.  I realize not everyone enjoys that like I do, but most everyone can appreciate a pretty ocean vista.  It's a gorgeous spot!

Getting my son to agree to this jaunt took a baseball and a couple of baseball gloves with the promise of a game of catch.  Whew!  We made it.  I knew we wouldn't be staying long, because before long the sand fleas would be finding us quite tasty, and sure enough they did.  She got in her exploring of the flats, swimming in the creek and marching gently over the marsh to get there.  She had low tide on her side.  The game of catch continued until the sand fleas took over.  

The coolest moment for me though, was when we first arrived.  I heard the familiar Willet call... which basically translates to... "I'm at the beach in warm weather and it's dreamy".  This Willet was perched in a short tree (see photos below) on the edge of the sandy beach, calling out to presumably his/her mate, who was wading on a sand bar.  Normally their behavior is wading, so I was pleasantly surprised to see one perching in a tree.  I was able to get a couple decent photos of the Willet.  For me with Willets, it's all about the sound they make.  It instantly relaxes me and makes me smile, because... I'm at the beach in warm weather... and it's DREAMY.  (double click photos to enlarge)

Willet and moon

Willet taking off

Salt marsh edge - would you walk in and around this?

She would, and she DOES!  Fearless!

My town - view of Cape Cod Bay in the distance
from Gray's Beach, Yarmouthport

Happy Birding!

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