Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11.13.18  Tuesday Tweets cancelled due to rain

Here is a Wild Turkey, since they are the bird of the month in many ways.  I don't know what it's like in your neighborhood with these guys, but they show up quite a bit in ours. The color diversity of their many different feathers is pretty spectacular!  In my opinion, Wild Turkeys lend themselves to the Cape Cod lifestyle.  If you're a few minutes behind schedule, it seems OK to blame it on the 23 turkeys that needed to slowly cross the road while you were on your way.  Happens all the time... 

Next opportunities for Tuesday Tweets:
11.27.18 Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster *9am*
12.4.18 Green Briar Nature Center, East Sandwich *11am*
12.11.18 Cape Cod Museum of Natural History *9am*
*Note:* Different start times for different locations
Happy Birding!

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