Tuesday, November 6, 2018

11.6.18 Tuesday Tweets - Briar Patch Trail - Green Briar Nature Center
East Sandwich, MA

The campus of Green Briar Nature Center has MUCH to offer.  The birds think so too.  It is common knowledge that having a bird feeder provides excellent opportunities for bird sightings.  I often recommend to those interested in learning more about bird identification to pay close attention to local native species.  When you become more familiar with the field marks of the birds you see quite often, you are more apt to have a, "...wait a minute, who's THAT?!" moment when you notice a species that is new to you.  We keep the bird feeder at Green Briar full of black sunflower seeds.  This is yet another reason for having your own bird feeder... Christmas is coming!  It's not just for the birds!  As you'll notice in the photos below, some days we are full of several species thanks to this very feeder.

We had a peaceful and quiet walk through the woods, appreciating the varying colors of the leaves.  The beech trees in particular were looking extra pretty.  As we walked we discussed some of the behaviors of certain birds, including the mimic abilities of Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays didn't disappoint and we had several sightings.  We even caught a glimpse of a Cooper's Hawk as we were finishing up our time together.  What a sweet group of bird nerds we had along for this Tuesday Tweets.  I will admit, when I spotted a Northern Mockingbird, I freaked out.  They are a native species, I just typically see them in the warmer months.  I took a few too many photos of that bird.  I couldn't help it.  (double click photos to enlarge)
Our List:
American Robin
Blue Jay
Black-capped Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
Red-bellied Woodpecker
White-throated Sparrow
White-breasted Nuthatch
Song Sparrow
Northern Flicker
Northern Mockingbird
American Crow
Coopers Hawk

White-throated Sparrow

Northern Cardinal - male

Red-bellied Woodpecker- male, note the zygodactyl feet!

This guy was fun to photograph!

Mourning Dove

Camouflage lesson, can you spot the Song Sparrow?

Tufted Titmouse

Song Sparrow blending in 

Song Sparrow testing your eyes

Song Sparrow - easier to spot 

White-breasted Nuthatch

Northern Mockingbird - I could not believe my eyes!
I am not used to seeing them in the colder months even though
they are native to this area

More field marks to notice on a Northern Mockingbird:
2 white wing bars (stripes along their wings) and long tail

Just fun to photograph!
Note the amount of white when the wings are stretched
This is a trait to notice when Northern Mockingbirds are in flight

Northern Mockingbird silhouetted against the grey sky

Poison Ivy - Photo Credit: MARIANNE

Briar Patch Trail

Beetle tracks along a fallen tree
Another "Spot the bird"
There's a Downy Woodpecker in there...

Downy Woodpecker - male
finding something worthwhile in fallen branches on the forest floor

Size comparison of an Oak's giant trunk
(surrounded by Beech trees - which are the green leaves you see)

Northeast view across the Smiling Pool

Princess Pine
Beech Tree colors  Photo Credit: MARIANNE

Hard to believe, but we spotted an inch worm dangling from a Holly tree!
Red-bellied Woodpecker from behind

I just liked the color contrast 

Bird Nerds!  Photo Credit: MARIANNE

We spotted a nest
This is a great time of year to spot them as the leaves slowly fall to the ground

Blue Jay

Photo Credit: MARIANNE

Looking south on the Smiling Pool

Next opportunities for Tuesday Tweets:
11.13.18 Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster *9am*
11.27.18 Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster *9am*
12.4.18 Green Briar Nature Center, Sandwich *11am*
Note different start times for different locations
Happy Birding!


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