Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8.2.17 KidSummer Birding 101 - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Brewster, MA

We had big plans today to give back to the birds... it was bird house painting day!  One of my favorite activities I get to share with young Bird Nerds!  Wait until you see the incredible job they did on their nest boxes!  I always send home instructions with the boxes, because they do come with some responsibility.  They need to be cleaned and wiped out after breeding season and if they're well taken care of, they will be proudly displayed in a yard, taking care of the birds themselves!  

Our bird walk this morning was shorter because you can't rush art!  They painted along patiently while we listened to Swan Lake in the background - a tradition I feel strongly about. Even if they're not big fans of that particular piece of music, no one has ever let on.  I feel it helps them get lost in their creation.  

We did get some bird sightings in, and the Eastern Kingbirds did not disappoint this morning.  We had a brief visit in the museum as well, I'm saving the tour of the museum for Friday, a bit of a grand finale... it's a wonderful place.  Since we were celebrating and creating works of art today, I did make a point to show off NatureScape Gallery.  The artwork is always incredible and I'm always excited to share it with the young Bird Nerds! (double click photos to enlarge)

Our List:
Blue Jay 

Northern Cardinal
Gray Catbird
Black-capped Chickadee
Belted Kingfisher
Song Sparrow
Barn Swallow
American Goldfinch

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Let the painting begin!

Lots of concentration in their chosen colors

Happy artists!

They were even enthusiastic about clean up...
it's FUN to get a little messy!

The birds will be THRILLED...not to mention the parents of
these Bird Nerds!

Found feather

It was a feather-finding type of day!

Osprey family

Eastern Kingbird


Overlooking Paines Creek

Discussing a very short Oak sapling and the size of the leaves.
They were HUGE!

Eastern Kingbird

Expert Fiddler Crab spotters

We got to learn more about Gray Whales after we walked
through the inflatable one that the museum owns.

One of the Junior Naturalist spoke with us
about baleen & the whale's rib

I always point out NatureScape Gallery which is
housed in the auditorium.  If you're ever visiting - the artist
changes monthly - don't MISS the beautiful works of art featured!

Happy Birding young Bird Nerds!

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