Sunday, January 15, 2017

1.15.17  Bird Nerd Moment - Station Ave
South Yarmouth

Being a Cape Codder, or as some might say, a washashore (means I wasn't born on Cape Cod - I was born in Boston baby) has many a lifestyle perk, quirk... whatever you want to call it. Much of the time, when making plans with others, we say we'll be there around 4:30-ish. I realize this is not unique to the Cape, ...using the "-ish" suffix to verbally add a window of potentially acceptable time to your actual arrival at your destination.  There are several variables that can jeopardize your travel time.  In the summer we have tourists, there's road work seemingly year round, expansion of the Cape Cod Rail Trail continues (YAY!!!- no complaints!) you know - the typical jam-me-up stuff.  Punctuality does not run in my family either, which is rude.  I know.  It really is.  It's not being considerate to others, but somehow the use of "-ish" helps slightly.  It's common here.  We tend to live at a slightly different pace for the most part, another reason I moved here.

Why?  Why am I bringing this up?  One of the many reasons someone traveling on Cape Cod might be delayed going from point A to point B, is Wild Turkeys.  No joke.  Wild Turkeys have made a comeback HOORAY! and there are large flocks of them provincially.  Their population was almost decimated completely in the 1930's due to over-hunting and loss of habitat.  So it's not just for Cape Codders, this "-ish"ness.  I'm sure there are turkeys all over, making people slightly late for things.  I also know that not everyone shares my affinity for the Wild Turkey... I'm OK with that.  Turkeys only visit my yard here and there, which for me, is an EVENT!  I get very excited!   Naturally, I get equally excited when they cross my path (ROAD!) and I get to see them.  This happened on the way home from the store today. (See photos below)

This particular flock of about 20 turkeys pictured below, was casually crossing over one of the busiest streets in my town - Station Ave.  When I was approaching from about 300 feet away, wondering what that big blob was waiting for the car ahead of me to stop... a huge grin came across my face when I realized, OH!  TURKEY!  This time I had enough sense and time to snap a couple of photos of them.  They were safe.  They waited for the car to stop to cross. They were foraging around at their own pace, causing us to pause, if only a few seconds. Sometimes that is the gift, just pause and admire (stare - whatever you choose)at those crazy turkeys... and to arrive perhaps closer to 4:35ish.  
Wild Turkey parade

Happy Birding!
Tuesday Tweets
at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History 1.17.17 9:30am (not -ish)

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