Friday, December 30, 2016

12.30.16  Bird Nerd Moment - Cape Cod Museum of Natural History - Brewster, MA
Old Yarmouth Inn - Yarmouthport, MA

Feeling grateful!  We're on the edge of a new year, and yes, I realize ... it's another day on the calendar when we start a new year, but it IS symbolic.  It can mean a fresh start, facing new challenges, swearing off habits you'd rather not continue... clean out the STUFF! It feels GREAT to do so!  I realize not everyone sets new year resolutions and often it is a time to reflect upon the past and all of the amazing accomplishments you've had, the time you spent wisely, the wonderful people who've made those impressions upon you.  In our family, we love watching It's A Wonderful Life around this time of year for that very reason... 
Once you stop and think about how many lives one life touches, it's staggering...and can be inspiring.  We are all connected.

I was reminded in person, not once but TWICE, in two consecutive days just how much the love of birds can also connect us.  I presented Birdwatching For Beginners yesterday at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.   That's where I also am in charge of Birding 101, the KidSummer session for 7-12 year olds during the museum's summer day camp program.  Well I had a lovely surprise... one of my former KidSummer Kids joined in by bringing his mom and grandmother to the class so they could learn more about birdwatching, so they all can continue to enjoy it together.  Shame on ME for not getting a photo with him!!!  I was rushing toward the end of the presentation to get to my other job...
I know we'll see each other again and Happy Birding until we do Bird Nerd!

Today, while I was at the job I just mentioned at the Old Yarmouth Inn in Yarmouthport, I was pleasantly surprised to get to see a very special customer and her family (her younger sister, and her grandparents who'd been in for lunch a few weeks ago).  This time I was more prepared and was SURE to take a photo with my KidSummer Bird Nerd!  What a very special end of the year treat for me!  I got to hear her story about a Cooper's Hawk she saw and how she was doing.  It was just the BEST!  She is a gift!  I KNOW the birds appreciate her!  I sure do!
Happy New Year Bird Nerds!
Happy Birding!

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