Monday, September 26, 2016

9.26.16  Birdwatching - Wixon Innovation Middle School
Dennis, MA

A new school year and new flock of bird nerds!  I'm very happy to be returning to Wixon, where I've spent many a sunny afternoon during the enrichment period of the day for these 4th & 5th graders!  I even have a returning student - which makes the birds especially happy! We began by learning about binoculars today and how to treat them and how not to treat them.  They are a wonderful tool when used properly, and I find them invaluable, though it's fun to test myself when they're not available.  The kids jumped right in and enthusiastically slipped them on, ready to find some birds.  They seem to be a simple tool, but there are some tricks to them, and part of my job here is to make sure everyone is familiar with the techniques to use them a little bit better.

I wish I could report that we saw a bunch of birds, but we only heard them today.  It's a challenge being patient and quiet, particularly at the end of a school day, when you're out in the sun... all you want to do is run & play.  The problem with that is... we won't see a whole lot of birds if we're too loud or moving too fast.  That's OK though... this is a learning process.  One of the greatest aspects we have in our bird-loving group is the wealth of bird stories they each seem to have stocked up in their brains, ready to share.  I LOVE THAT! So we will get to sharing them as we move through these afternoons together.  I always want them to be on the lookout for feathery friends wherever it is they are, because even when you can't necessarily see or hear them... the birds are there.  We're going to have a great time together! (double click photos to enlarge)

Excellent binocular technique!

Nest spotted!  Bird nest, squirrel nest... not quite sure...

Excited to spot some birds!

Acorns from the oak tree - BIRD FOOD!

What happened to these oak leaves?

Happy Birding!

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