Monday, November 16, 2015

11.16.15 - Bird Nerd Moment - My yard and road in Yarmouth

Pay attention when you hear the crows caw-caw-cawing, especially when there are a few of them and they're flying around near the tree tops.  Chances are, if you're able to be close enough and this behavior is continuing from tree top to tree top in a neighborhood... you're about to see a raptor.  In this case it was a spectacular Red-tailed Hawk.  I believe to be a male due to his size.  He was still large, but not as large as some females I've seen.  The crows mobbed him this way and that, and for whatever reason, eventually decided to stop pestering him when he landed near the top of an oak tree across the street.  There was another brief moment when a Blue Jay came right near him to complain as well.  Brave bird... or foolish.  I was fortunate enough to get some decent photos of this handsome creature.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the brief visit I had with him.

Getting tired of me staring I think...

I had some other visitors to my yard that day too.  We have a crab apple tree that is extremely fragrant & flowery in the spring, and this time of year it is LOADED with ripe red fruit.  Turns out it's not only pretty to look at, but some birds, Northern Flickers, American Robins, Bluejays and others, find it a tasty treat to feast on!  Check out this Northern Flicker having a wonderful crab apple feast!

See the crab apple right in his mouth!?

I also had some other visitors to my yard, thanks to the many trees in our not so large yard, and the 1 seed feeder & 1 suet feeder, I do get to see several species each day doing their thing and finding some shelter & nourishment in my yard.  It makes me happy that they feel welcome here.
Northern Cardinal & House Sparrows (Mrs.&Mr.)

House Sparrow

Silhouette of Northern Cardinal - female

Happy Birding!

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