Saturday, February 7, 2015

2.7.15 - Bird Nerd Moment 
Yarmouth, MA

While we're getting a small break from crazy weather, the birds have been feeding in our yard like mad!  I'm sure they're feasting on food from any feeder they are able to find.  When I was outside today, I was sure I heard a hawk, probably Red-tailed, I was thinking.  I looked up, expecting to see one soaring above the oaks, looking for lunch.  Nothing.  I didn't see anyone in the sky. Then the call again... hmmm...
Then, I saw the Blue Jay, perched on an oak branch, near our feeder.  So I grabbed a short video of this.  The video quality is not very good, because I used my phone.  I was only able to capture one hawk-like call from the jay on the video, and it's at about three seconds in or so... hope you can hear it!  If you look at the branches, you can see the jay move, but it may take more than one viewing.
It is nearly impossible to see the Jay at first when s/he is making the call.  Why do they do this?  Make calls similar to a hawk?  I've learned that maybe it's to keep other birds away, as if to fool them that a predator is near.  It's also thought to maybe act as a warning that hawks are about.  What do you think?  There were some Black-capped Chickadees, Song Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos in the yard nearby when the Jay was calling the way s/he was.  It was SO authentic sounding.  

Next opportunity for Tuesday Tweets: 2.10.15 at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
at 9:30am.  $2Members/$4Non-members.  Rain and unhealthy air temperatures (less than 15F) cancel the walk.

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