Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2.4.14 - Yarmouth - Home
Yarmouth MA
It's always a bummer when a bird walk needs to be cancelled due to the elements...
Yesterday the Wing Island Trail at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster would have been covered in snow during Tuesday Tweets, with a layer of ice underneath. 
I was able to get some outside time though, shoveling our driveway.  As the sun warmed up Cape Cod, the sparkling branches began to melt and I couldn't help myself snapping a few shots with my phone.  Eventually I heard one of my favorite nature sounds, slowly getting louder, in the distance.  It was a flock of Canada Geese!!!  We are lucky enough to live  close to Bass River, the largest river or stream on the Cape.  So, it is not uncommon for the noisy fliers to pass over our neighborhood as they approach their watery destination.  The photos I got of the birds are not great, they're taken with my phone, but I loved taking a break from shoveling to watch and listen as they flapped and honked over my head!


Canada Geese

Circling around...

The next bird walk, through Green Briar Nature Center, is the Monday Morning Bird Walk this Monday 2.10.14 at 9a.  Weather depending we meet at 9am at the van in the lower parking lot at Green Briar in East Sandwich.  If I need to cancel due to weather, I will decide by 8am and will post it here.  'Til then, Happy Birding!

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