Thursday, June 20, 2019

6.20.19  Bird Nerd Moment
South Yarmouth

You can't tell me gulls aren't graceful.  I know, not all appreciate gulls the way I do.  I didn't grow up on the Cape, so for me, gulls were always a reminder of the shore and the sand between my toes, or the french fries between my fingers, with the salt air surrounding me.  When there are french fries about, surely... a gull is not far away here on Cape Cod.

Well there were no french fries today but a bunch of fruit and popcorn I had ready to go for a bunch of kids on a picnic table and as I was heading back to the car to get more supplies... I see this guy silently swooping in optimistically.   The camera was in hand so I got a few nice photos of her/him just before our conversation when I mentioned that the food was not up for grabs.  I did not bring it for the birds.  So the gull never landed, but continued to glide along effortlessly looking for another snack, seemingly used to the rejection.  I really like the photos I got, so I felt like sharing.  (double click to enlarge)

Herring Gull

Happy Birding!

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