Monday, April 22, 2019

4.22.19  Bird Nerd Moment - Judah Baker Windmill
South Yarmouth, MA

I think it's important, when you can, to sneak in some time with nature, even if it's from the comfort of your car.  How about looking out at a peaceful scene?  Does it help you to redirect your thoughts?  Does it give you the gift of living in the moment, if only for a few? I think that's what the scenery that is around us all the time, particularly on Cape Cod, can do for us when we take that time.  Aren't we lucky?  Cape Cod is a challenging location to financially survive and make a living.  It's a struggle.  I will justify the lifestyle and how scary it can be by the beauty we are surrounded by.  It's a natural benefit of being here, and making a living here.  

Birds are not typically as easily observed on a day when rain is doing its thing, but they're certainly still out there.  In heavy rain, particularly when it's cold, birds need to shelter in place.  Hypothermia and wildlife have their daily battle in the colder weather.  The air temperatures are oh so gradually starting to warm, and in my opinion, April is the longest month here on the Cape.  The blossoms begin to appear and the brilliant green new leaves contrast the mostly grey skies in the most artistic of ways.  We're all so anxious for the warmer weather, because let's face it... Summer is where it's AT on Cape Cod!  The BEACH!  It's the BEST!  April just takes forever for me.

This morning I needed the beach and the peaceful beauty, but I wasn't dressed for the chilliness in the air, so I parked at this lovely spot on Bass River to take in the view.  I could see Osprey hunting along the river and countless gulls in the distance. As I was stationed in this little parking lot, the local feathers began to show up and I just couldn't help but to photograph them with the camera on my phone.  I'm addicted.  I'm addicted to their wonder and to how close I can sometimes get.  Do they know?  Did they know I was spying on them from the car?  I'm sure they did, so when they got extra close, it just made me feel extra special.  Everyone deserves to feel extra special now and then, certainly when they need it.  Leave it to the birds and to nature to take care of you sometimes.  The sun often comes out if you give it the chance to. (double click photos to enlarge)

My list:
American Robin
House Sparrow
Common Grackle
American Goldfinch

House Sparrow - female, camouflaging quite well and
looking like she's having a morning conversation with
the American Robin - male

American Robin - male

American Robin - female

American Robin - female
This is her definitely noticing me.  I was as still as I could be to get
these photos with my phone camera

Common Grackle

Common Grackle

House Sparrow - male

Common Grackle in the foreground - about to call out, which is
why s/he is starting to puff up
American Robin in the background

Common Grackle all puffed up from calling out
Isn't that a wonderful view of Bass River?
West Dennis Beach is in the distance

Common Grackle showing off his iridescent plumage, even under overcast skies.

Another pose...

So handsome!
One of the best field marks to look for with mature Common Grackles
is their brilliant yellow eye, which you can notice even at a distance.
They also have the longest tail of the common blackbirds.


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