Thursday, September 27, 2018

9.27.18  Bird Nerd Moment with Wild Care Eastham

I heard from Wild Care in Eastham today with regard to a pair of Chimney Swifts that have been successfully rehabilitated and are nearing their release time....
The problem is, most of the Chimney Swifts have already migrated.  

Last year, around this time, I was contacted by Jayne from Wild Care to help out with a lone little swift who just needed a little more time to rehabilitate.  You can't wait too long though, otherwise those little ones will be left to migrate alone.  It's not safe out there for THAT.  You know the expression - safety in numbers - migration makes use of that for so many bird species.

Last year, serendipity took over and a small flock of Tree Swallows essentially appeared literally over my house, that same day.  Time to meet Jayne - on her birthday - to release that little birdie.  It was very moving. Click here for the story...

Jayne with her Chimney Swift patient October 4, 2017
Wildlife rehabilitation is not for the faint of heart.  I'll never forget it, and I like to think Jayne feels the same.

Well... now there are two.  Bird Nerds - we need you.  If you see any flocking Chimney Swifts - unlikely this time of year, or Tree Swallows, PLEASE contact Jen at Wild Care:  (phone:508.240.2255) or me:

We need to hook these little lives back up with a welcoming flock to get them off to safer warmer areas, so they can swift again for us come spring time!  OK... how to spot a swift... if you're a Bird Nerd, you've probably heard they are like "cigars with wings".  Tree Swallows are slightly larger, bulkier and acrobatic as they swoop here and there while feeding on flying insects.  Keep your eyes on the sky...

Happy Birding!

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