Tuesday, June 26, 2018

6.26.18  Tuesday Tweets - Green Briar Trail - Green Briar Nature Center 
Sandwich, MA

Bird walks on Cape Cod offer viewings of similar species of native and migrant birds, but in different settings.  Leading bird walks on the Green Briar Trial is a woodsy experience.  You do need to come prepared with bug spray because many of the trails are teeming with vegetation... all the more places for birds to seek shelter in the heat.  We had quite a chilly spring and even into the beginning of summer and then suddenly... HEAT!  Thankfully on the Cape, the ocean is every which way here.  There are also kettle ponds and lakes that keep us cool.  Though the Smiling Pool wraps its way into the thicket at Green Briar, it is definitely not a body of water you'd want to cool yourself off in!  The Sandwich wildlife who live in, around and nearby though...seem to be thriving.

Meeting similar-minded nice people is a great benefit of bird walks.  This particular walk offered an exceptional meeting of a woman named Annie, who was a retired national park ranger.  How cool is THAT job?!  It was an experience, sharing this trail with her, both of us calling out birds at the same time and enjoying the landscape among the trees and rocks and winding trail.  Thank you Annie for your stories and for being a care taker of Nature.  You must know how very much the birds appreciate you... and we almost saw a Chimney  Swift perch in a tree - a rare moment... almost! (double click photos to enlarge)

Our List:
Red-winged Black Bird
Gray Catbird
Barn Swallow
Mourning Dove
Red-bellied Woodpecker
House Sparrow
Yellow Warbler
Hairy Woodpecker
Black-capped Chickadee
American Robin
Common Yellowthroat
Downy Woodpecker
American Goldfinch
Song Sparrow
Chimney Swift
Cedar Waxwing
Mute Swan
Red-tailed Hawk

American Robin
Red-winged Blackbird - male

American Robin - male

Baltimore Oriole

Eastern Chipmunk

Red-winged Blackbird - male
Mr. & Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird
Common Grackle
Northern Cardinal - female & Red-winged Blackbird - female

Red-winged Blackbird - female & House Sparrow

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird

Fungus can have a really cool look too

Young Sassafrass

Gray Catbird

Red-winged Blackbird - male

Gray Catbird

Mute Swan - father (Cob) & cygnet... just a little past Father's Day

Mute Swan family

Painted Turtle

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow & its reflection in the Smiling Pool

American Robin - male

Next opportunity for Tuesday Tweets: 7.24.18 at Green Briar Nature Center 11a-12p
$4Members & $6Non-members 

Happy Birding!

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