Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2.7.18  Bird Nerd Moment 

Sometimes you just need to take a walk.  It doesn't matter where you live, it will do you good.  My thoughtful husband bought me a new camera for Christmas and I've been dying to try it out, which I did the other day during Tuesday Tweets.  I don't know why I was feeling sheepish about trying the big lens that morning, and later I wished I had because I missed some fabulous Eastern Bluebird photos... they were too far for the lens with less power to get great images.  Bummer.  It was time to try out the new camera and lens, and I figured since I live on the Cape, I should combine my walk with my camera and the higher power lens.

The universe was really looking over me on this walk.  I didn't have too much time to spend this morning when I was on the beach, so I took a slightly less traveled sandy path through the low dunes to cut my walk shorter than I really wanted.  As I was approaching the pavement to head back to the car... I really couldn't believe my eyes or my luck.  I saw a white owl-sized blob in the distance on the dunes... and there he was.  
No joke - the Snowy Owl.  
I just couldn't believe it!!!  
I can't post on here what I said out loud, but I am so excited to post this photo!  HOORAY!!! The lens works...
(double click to enlarge)

Snowy Owl

Happy Birding!

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