Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11.8.17  Yarmouth Park & Recreation Bird Walks - Flax Pond
South Yarmouth, MA

There are jobs that are dependent upon decent weather in order to assure things tend to go as planned.  Bird walks certainly lie within that category, for the most part.  The New England weather can be particularly temperamental and Cape Cod, being surrounded by ocean, can certainly make the day difficult to predict precipitation-wise.  There was a drizzle in the air today, but our walks here at Flax Pond are mostly protected by tree cover.  A little drizzle doesn't really hurt anyone, though cameras & binoculars are not recommended to get wet at all.  I figured photography would be limited. 

We Bird Nerds decided to brave it in more ways than just the wet skies this morning!  I had heard that there was a trail that wrapped all the way around Flax Pond and I'd searched the truthfulness of that in the summer while previewing other trails I was less familiar with on the property.  We'll revisit the words "on the property" in a minute.  The trail did seem to be a little dicey near the edge of the water, though we were definitely in a 'ready to be challenged' mood.  On we trudged, as the trail, well... trailed off... into what was basically someone's back yard.  Sorry someone.  We meant no harm and you have some really nicely landscaped flowers on the edge of your property.  We got back on the property of Flax Pond as quickly as our hiking boots would take us.  Live and learn.   I must admit it was REALLY fun exploring some unknown, and un-walked upon areas in these woods!  We had a ball and had no trouble laughing at ourselves while enjoying the morning, as the skies eventually gave way to a light rain.

We decided to head back toward and through the cedar swamp.  The muted colors truly shone through as we were surrounded by mostly browns and greys, with plenty of green this way and that.  When yellow leaves peaked through in some more dense spots, we had to pause to admire the natural contrast.
Birds?  Well... we did see one Blue Jay, and a raptor (I believe a Red-shouldered Hawk) did glide quickly across the pond, then even more quickly disappeared thanks to camouflage.  
This morning turned out to be more of a nature walk as opposed to a bird walk, thanks mostly due to the misty conditions.  We enjoyed our walk together and I look forward to sunshine to guide us next Wednesday!  (double click photos to enlarge)

Another view of Flax Pond - looking lovely in the fall

A view of Flax Pond beach from the "trail"

We used the trees to support us in our woody adventure!

So we saw Thirwood through the trees...I swear,
that's what the sign said & pointed to...

Pointing out the difference between Oak leaves in the
Red Oak group (left-sharper lobe edges) and White Oak group(right-rounded lobe edges)

We all deal with blemishes of sorts sometimes...
This odd overgrowth in the trunk is likely caused by a bacteria

The Cedar Swamp was mysterious this morning

Raindrops captured on the underside of a leaf

Another gall in an oak tree

Sweet Gum Tree showing off some fruity pebbles looking colors
We have one more Flax Pond walk scheduled for this season, Wednesday 11.15.17 at 9am Click here to register...
Happy Birding!


  1. You guys had a really nice little adventure. That Sweet Gum tree at the end looks really beautiful and I would love to see in real life. Thanks for sharing the experience you had with us.

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