Monday, January 20, 2014

1.20.14 - West Dennis Beach - Bird Nerd Moment
Dennis MA
It was a Cape Cod Bird Nerd moment...shared my many...
There were several reasons why I moved to Cape Cod, not that it's a distant land, but it is a naturally beautiful place.  We brake for Wild Turkeys and Mute Swans who cross busy streets at inopportune moments... that's normal for us.  However, it's not just any day you can catch a glimpse of a Snowy Owl!!!  Snowy Owls don't always visit this far south each year, but there have been SEVERAL sightings in the lower 48 this winter, yes, even on Cape Cod... from Sandy Neck to Nauset Marsh to this one we saw today at West Dennis Beach.  What a treat!!!  I have never laid eyes on a wild Snowy... and not only did I get to today, but also I got to share this chilly moment with my two kids, which made my eyes well up with happiness.  Call me crazy, or just call me a nerd... it was a special day! 
Thank you Snowy Owl!  What a beauty...

I thought about turning around to take a photo of all of the bird nerd paparazzi,
but I could not take my eyes off of this princess!
  This experience even touched our 7 year old who mentioned,
"I usually don't like birdwatching, but today I did."
Happy New Year!

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